Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last night I had two dreams and in those dreams were Eagles!

Last night I had two dreams and in those dreams were Eagles! Two very different types of eagles but there they were EAGLES in my dreams.
The first dream we were eating ribs that were supposedly cooked to be eaten while watching a film of the Eagles (the band with Don Henley in it) while they were young and just a newly discovered band. It was weird because in the film THEY were eating ribs too. I am sitting around with friends and we are all eating these ribs and watching the film and I can’t recognize the members of the band and I keep asking where Don Henley is and someone idiot, tells me he is gay. Now I know he isn’t and I still don’t know why I don’t see him in this film because he is the one in the band I like intensely and love his songs.  Any way that is pretty much how that dream goes…
Then I am in a bedroom and there is a friend of mine and someone else in the room and we are just hanging and one friend is lying on a bench at the bottom of the bed and the window is open, at the end of the bed a few feet from it.  I am talking and I am looking out the window and I see coming toward us an eagle. It is flying at the window so I say: “There is an eagle flying toward us!”. My friend, a male and a pagan who is a Native American says: “Yes they do that”… just lays still and lets the thing fly across him and land and walk across the bed and across the white sheet… it is massive and turns to look at me and then turns back towards the window and flies out. I have always wanted to see an eagle in real life and that is the closest I have come. I have seen large ravens and hawks and even a vulture… but never a real life eagle. So those were the two dreams!

I looked up the meaning of the eagle in a dream and the meaning of an eagle as a spirit animal here is what they signify:

To see an eagle in your dream symbolizes nobility, pride, fierceness, freedom, superiority, courage, and powerful intellectual ability. It also represents self-renewal and your connection with your spirituality. You will struggle fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires. Alternatively, if you live in the United States, then the national bird could represent your patriotism and devotion to country.

Here is the Totem Spirit Animal, meaning for this animal-

Eagle sacred messenger, Master / Mistress of patience, Bringer of visions from spirit, Ability to hear spiritually, Potential Ability to heal, Lightness, and Able to see beyond the horizon

I am quite pleased with these readings and I do see very significant links with what is happening in my life right now. I am grateful for all the dreams I am having at this time as there have been many and I am going to try and record and decipher them now to find the links and puzzles in them, since I have not remembered so many dreams in very many years.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boston - Your my Home

Although I am not into smoking unless there is some Ghanga involved, this picture would pretty much tell you what my sensibilites are, over all... I like dark things, being darkly sexy, and I love a good city.

I live in a small city now maybe three tall buildings and it is sweet and charming, for the most part. I did live in Boston, Mass. and I found that city to be exciting and diverse and contained in it a sense of being able to be who you wanted without the feeling of someone saying - looky there a freak!!! There were people who loved to draw attention to themselves and the Gay population was out and proud!!! I like knowing I am living somewhere that people generally are allowed to live FREE!

The City I live in now is the buckle of the Bible belt and it's also in the deep south *sigh*, I knew before I came here that I had expectations of what it would be like and yet to find it all too true, has been a bit too much for me to deal with on a month to month basis. I have found the people here to be openly racist, and completely intolerant for anybody who is NOT a born again Christain or at least a near facsimile of the same. I am a Witch and even though I pretty much hang with the local pagans, I still get my fill of what the "Others" have to say and feel about EVERYTHING.

First, they, the Christians seem to always want to tell you what to do with your life, they always want to tell you that you need to find Jesus. I have found him, he is a friend, but the Churches that his so-called followers have created and the doctrines and the bylaws of what they stand for do not, to me, seem to reflect anything that Jesus (Joshua *hebrew) would believe in at all... but these people don't seem to realize that hate was never part of his sermons.

Second, it is so easy to speak this hate down here and people actually think you will agree with them... Like they think you have come to the south to buy into their bigotry! I am horrified by this idea and I know that not all southern people are like this but, the ones who are (and there are many) give this place a nasty name... Christians being one of the biggest culprits of the whole problem.

I have been living here 4 yrs now and I really am beginning to wonder if I can survive the mentality, the government (Republicans), and this last part is kinda weird, the weird way they act like they have sunshine up their butts all the time and they love everybody and yet with this one line "Well, Bless your heart" it means F-YOU or You Suck!!! How special!! Everybody calls you Ma'am and I am not an old woman, and I hate the Ma'am thing!!!! They say it is a sign of respect... well, respect my wishes and stop calling me damn Ma'am!!

Boston... Your my Home!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Persephone Rising

This is one of my latest paintings, sorry about the picture quality. I recently did a meditation on the Dark Goddesses including, Demeter, Persephone, Hecate and Lilith. This is a rendition of what Persephone looked like in that meditation and along with Lilith each had skeletal appearances. I call this painting "Persephone Rising", as she rises from Hades in spring through the swamp. Still dressed in her bridal gown she springs forth desiccated and picked clean to join her enraged and yet relieved mother.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Raven in my Life...

This is a fairly recent painting of a Raven on a ice/snow laden area. It has been proven that these birds are the smartest birds (Raven/Crow) in all of the bird families. I have a sweet story about a Large Raven that I would like to share and it formed a life time attachment to these birds that has created a dynamic that is unforgettable.

One day when I was walking in the quads between the buildings at my small community college. I came upon a large Raven. I was late for my class and it was just me and the Raven in the quad. I came upon the Raven who stood about two feet high and when it talked to me raised its wings out to a full wing span of at least six feet across! I was frightened by his size and stopped in my tracks... We stood there him with his big ol self and I wanting to get by but staring into his black eye's for any warning and we just looked at each other. My fear diminished but I must say it did not vanish, for he was a ghastly large bird. Though I have never seen an eagle I would approxomate his size to be one of that. Time was ticking and I had to get to class so, in a burst of courage I made a wide bee-line around him and ran for the door. The door had a window in it so even with my sense of hurry I turned and looked at him and he simply just stood there on his stately rock and waited for his next victim, I laughed at myself and went on to class. I must say that since that time I have noticed the black birds, and anytime I have seen anything about them I tune in . I saw a Public Broadcasting Show (PBS) about them telling about how smart they were and in that story they told about after a fisherman set up a ice fishing hole with a string and a hook and of course the hook is baited the Crow came down and stole the well won fish by pulling up the fish bit by bit between his feet and then just chomping away at the fish, hole side. I nearly created that scene in my painting, still might, since I still have the painting! I do have a feeling of kindred spirit with these smart birds now and I am thankful for my trembling meet with this large Raven. Mind you I was on my way to an advanced English Literature Class and The story of Poe's Raven took on new dimensions from this time on. Blessed be.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Plans for the Future...

I have Ideas for the next couple of months; things I have to do, things I want to do and some a little bit of both... I Have to get the map for the Renaissance Faire created but that won't be difficult I just need the old map and I will get that this Sunday. We also have Things for the "Enchanted" part of the Ren Faire, things that make it Fairy-Like. Dana came up with a fountain and then I added make it a running one with a electronic device and a reserve of water then we came up with making a platform to raise it up and then hopefully having Fairies dace around it... I also want to get some very Fairy-like and Ren Faire like paintings with Wood Scene and Fairies and Damsels/castles in the paintings. Very excited about that!!! I also want to create a "Big Head" character a troll that will be part of the Enchanted forest. I have wanted that since last year... I have lots of paper saved and will get this accomplished this year!!! I also want to get some dark paintings accomplished and keep up with all the sites I have going... Yay! Fun!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Published the Dark Artist on FB

Tonight after posting a few more pictures on the Dark Artist I invited a few friends that have a penchant for the Darker side of ART and they seemed to have fun looking at the pictures and Videos that were new to them. I love my FB friends and nobody could ever say that I do not know my FB friends some of the people I know on FB I have been friends with for 4-5 years (or more). I know their art and their tastes. Some people I have met then some I feel like I have met them but we have just gotten to know each other over the years. I do love the certain friends that have likes the same as mine, thoughts similar to mine, and some of their uniqueness is just sublime and all their own. That is what gives them that special something that I call Friend worthiness.

Well anyway it went well and I think we will all have fun with this dark launch. ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

New/Old Interests Arise!

Esther Verschoor’s Light Dark Art - one small seed

Death-Artist Unknown

Look at my Facebook link if you are interested in Dark Art/Artists I have been trying to develop in my own art what I have been in love with in the art field for about ten years. I have completed about 10 paintings on this vein and I feel excited when I do a painting with this feel to it, I do like the mundane as well, but this slant on art is somehow sick enough to excite me. Yes, my leans are towards the darker and more lustier realms of view (I tend to stop and stare at the more poignant takes of art). I do have a somewhat of a blood lust in this area. I do not like battle scenes but a person missing limbs having orgasmic sex would make me de-lighted. I do love portraits of all types but ones of people depicting their soul in a more descriptive way and in a darker moment of their thought or time of life crisis is more to my liking than a simple depiction of a happy, demure setting. I want to see what has not been touched by the artist before, what is taboo, what makes people secretly stop and stare for curiosity and what may touch their own secret desires. I am going to examine this further and further as I move along on this treatise.